Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reviews and More

Today, The Romance Studio posted a review for Hit and Run giving it four and a half hearts!! I had decided they weren't going to review my book since I'd sent it to them last September. One never knows when a review might pop up.

Read the Review

If you are a writer and spend lots of time googling your name to see if there are any new reviews, have you checked out the new alert function? All you need to do is put in your search words and give them your email and you'll receive email alerts whenever new stuff is posted.

Link is Here

Tomorrow morning we're heading off to southern Illinois to visit with my mother. It's a very long and boring drive. I'm hoping hubby will drive at least to Indianapolis so I can get some writing done. The only thing is, he loves to talk and that distracts me. Or, when he isn't talking, he's playing CD's very LOUDLY that grate on my nerves. I'm on the home stretch for Joshua's Hope and have a very good feeling that I should be finished before June17th. That's my personal goal date.

See you all next week! For those in the U.S., have a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.


Terry said...

Congrats on the review -- TRS is a coup. They've got quite a backlog of requests.

Marty said...

Great review! Safe travel and enjoy the weekend :)

Lee Morrison said...

Hope you have a great trip. Good luck with your goal!