Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Old Yearbooks...

make for fun reading! When I went to high school we had limited funds and a yearbook expense was usually out of the question. Thanks to babysitting money, I was able to purchase my Freshman and Senior high school yearbooks. A couple of days ago, I brought them out of storage to look for pictures of a couple friends (story on that follows). Oh, the wealth of reading material I found inside. Like this one:

Remember the boy in the country,
Remember the boy in the town,
Remember the boy who spoiled your book
By writing upside down.

And this one from one of the friends whose picture I had looked up:

A very sweet, generous, cute, loveable, adorable,
kind, considerate, ambitious, studious,
smart, understanding, wise,
small little girl.

Those were signatures in my Freshman book. These are gems from my senior book:

Lots of luck to a nice girl who doesn't drink,
but goes out with too many boys.
(And this one wasn't signed!)

How about:

Remember our Government class, and lots
of luck in the future.
(Now I don't know about you, but I don't
remember one thing about that government class!)

And this one:

To the smartest girl in our Calculus class!

Oh, I have had so much fun! Why did I look up pictures? Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we drove to southern Illinois to visit my mother. When I heard that one of my old friends was the pastor at the church I attended way back when...and that he was married to another of my friends, I had to look up their pictures to see what they looked like back then. If I had looked at them before the trip, I still wouldn't have recognized the bearded man who greeted us as we entered the church, nor his wife, my friend also. She and her cousin and I were baptized at the same time on Mother's Day, May 12 (a long time ago). LOL

It was fun meeting them again, and we now have email addresses so we can get caught up and keep in touch.

Now I'll go pack the yearbooks up for a few more years. This has inspired a story that is spinning in my head

Oh, and I'm still on goal with Joshua's Hope. Only 76 pages to go! I've been averaging 10 or more pages a day.

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Emma Sanders said...

LOL, I've done that. My sister ran into someone in the store one day and called me because she knew who he was, but couldn't remember his name, and didn't have a yearbook. So I looked over the yearbook while she described him, LOL. Brings back lots of "memories" whether you remember (like your government class, LOL) or not.

Although I hate to say the only year book I don't have is probably the most Senior year.