Thursday, May 10, 2007

Special Offer...Read a Good E-Book Lately?

In celebration of the warm weather here in Central Ohio, I have a great opportunity for you. Currently I have two full length novels and three short stories published, along with a short story in an anthology with The Wild Rose Press. All of this was accomplished in less than one year. I'm so happy and proud, and feeling chipper with the warmth of the sun, so I'm feeling generous.

I'd love to get new readers to try an e-book. I've been reading e-books for several years now and I love them. My house was becoming overcrowded with print books and I honestly couldn't find another spot to store another one when I decided to try the e-book route. What a wonderful treat! I could carry a book on a very small device in my pocket and read it whenever I wanted. At lunch, waiting in doctor and dentist offices, waiting for a long copy job to finish, in bed, and in all the same places I'd read a print book. The ereader takes up very little room and can store up to 80 books! I always have something new to choose from and can carry as many books as I want without loading down a suitcase when I travel. Yes, I love e-books.

I want you to love them, too. If you are reading this, you have a computer. If you have a computer, you can read an ebook. The most common download is in a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format. The ebook looks like a standard book, with all the same copyright pages, etc. The difference click a mouse to turn the page. You can bookmark your place at any time, too. And you don't have to purchase any device to read an ebook (unless you want the portability like I have).

Ebooks are less expensive than print books. For instance, you can purchase a full length novel from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, for $5.00. That is a considerable savings over the print version. Short stories can be downloaded from as low as $1.50.

Go now to and look at all the choices. There are multiple lines to choose from, though all are romance. You can choose inspirational, contemporary, suspense, paranormal, western, vintage, historical...and much, much more.

Here's the deal. If you purchase one of my full length novels in the suspense line: Foxfire or Hit and Run and show me proof of purchase, I will send you free of charge any short story of your choice (any author) FREE!!!

How can you go wrong? It's my way of asking you to join in the wonderful evolution of books. E-books are the perfect choice of reading material and are going to continue sweeping the nation.

Don't delay. Head over the The Wild Rose Press now and make your choice. Send your proof to me via email. You will find a form to contact me here. Just click the Email Me link.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Apology: Was supposed to have two author interviews besides the one for Sarita Leone this week, but neither author responded to my emails, so I apologize to the blog audience who might have been looking for them.

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