Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sneaky Little Gremlins

Every time I go to My Space, I wind up with some of those "little risk" spyware things on my computer. I run my program and clean them from my computer. I probably know just enough about putting together a website to be dangerous, but when it comes to creating backgrounds and stuff for My Space...forget it! Don't have a clue. So...I have to go to those sites where there are premade layouts.

My daughter put her site up and I loved her background. She got it from a neat little place called Webfetti. I knew you had to agree to have their "toolbar" installed and I've always shied away from doing that. She said she didn't have any problem and it hadn't affected her internet explorer at all. So...I went against my better judgement and installed the darn thing.

I played around and added a new layout to my site, but I didn't like the color for the links being white. Couldn't figure out how to change the color, so I went back on the site and looked around at some other layouts. Somehow I closed down everything accidentally. My handy dandy little program began scanning and I had over 200 spy items on my computer! About 1/4 of them said "high risk". I managed to remove them all and restart my computer. That got rid of the Webfetti toolbar, too.

So, now I'm stuck with the layout I don't particularly like. I hate having to worry about which sites I can go to without having these horrid trojans and things invade my computer. I've been thinking of removing my My Space page because of all the issues.

Then a couple of days ago, I'd been receiving emails about some "book" thing that other authors had joined and invited me to join. I wasn't even curious. I've got enough to maintain now. It began sweeping interest through my various loops, and then...someone posted that it was full of spyware. So glad I didn't fall for that one.

**Sigh** The internet is a scary place.

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