Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday - Bump in the Road

Horoscope for the day: It feels as if a million choices are lined up and waiting for your decision. Distill them down to their essence, then figure out for yourself whether it's yes or no. Listen to your heart, then make your move.


Not exactly a bump in the road, but a decision to make. Received critique of Joshua's Hope from one of my advance readers, who is a multi-published author with Harlequin and others. She gave me some wonderful feedback and suggestions to make the story stronger. Now, here is the decision. How do I fit this in and still make my five pages a day?

Authors have to learn how to juggle many writing projects at once, a dilemma in itself, but even more so when the author has a full-time job. I do work in the day, but I'm lucky and only have to work 8 to 5, and no overtime, no weekends. That gives me a firm schedule to work around. I've set my five pages to be accomplished in the evenings. I shoot to do 25 to 30 pages a week, so that allows me one evening when I don't have to write on my current project. However, I have this blog to keep up, and author interviews to schedule and put together, promotions on the internet, and now I've added edits to a completed manuscript.

That kind of makes the horoscope for today fit my life.

Nothing is impossible as long as you want to make it happen. And I do. So, I've made my decision. Instead of reading on my lunch hour, I will use that hour to work on edits. There's no set time I must complete these (which wouldn't be true if I'd received them from my editor). I'm waiting to hear back from Steeple Hill as to whether or not they want to read the manuscript. That will be a few months and plenty of time to do revisions.

Setting a schedule, and committing to it, is the key to success.

Today I finally got into Vox and had received an apology from the person who had published my work on her blog. She promised to take it down immediately.

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Scarlett Sanderson said...

Carol, it seems like you have been doing well with your schedule. No matter how much time I set aside, I get sidetracked. lol.

Good luck with edits!

Scarlett x