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Author Interview with Lisa Logan

The camera pans over the Blog Studio audience as the show begins. Today, we see several country music artists in the group (everyone knows Carol Ann loves country music). First waving and smiling is the beautiful and very talented Martina McBride. The camera continues to pan while the audience is yelling and clapping and we see another great country, two country stars...Faith Hill and Tim McGraw!! The band begins to play and the camera pans to the stage where we see a tall, lanky man, wearing a white hat, a sport coat, and ragged knee jeans. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome country music superstar Alan Jackson. Alan begins to sing, "A Woman's Love".

The audience goes wild. Carol Ann enters from stage right, applauding and grinning.

Alan takes a bow. Carol Ann shakes his hand and thanks him for opening the show.

"Wow! Alan Jackson, ladies and gentlemen. Wasn't he great?"

When the audience applause lessens, Carol Ann takes her seat in the blog studio interview area.

CAROL ANN: Now that's what I call a wonderful opening. I love country music. Oh, hi Faith! Hi Tim! Oh, and Martina! Hello. I'm so honored to have all of you in the audience today. We have another guest who is just backstage waiting to come out and tell us all about her first full length novel, VISIONS. Please put your hands together and make welcome, author Lisa Logan!

Audience applauds. Carol Ann holds up a book and the camera pans in.

CAROL ANN: Welcome, Lisa. So glad you could be with us today. This is a gorgeous cover. The audience is as eager as I am to hear more about your story. Please tell us about it.

LISA: VISIONS is the tale of a movie star turned real-life hero, when he bumps into a stranger and somehow acquires her psychic abilities. Can he use his newfound powers to find his mysterious benefactor in time to fulfill their romantic destiny--and save her from certain danger?

CAROL ANN: Oooh, you are good. You tell us just enough to get us intrigued enough to want more. **laugh** Guess we'll have to buy the book to learn all about those psychic abilities and the romance.

How did the idea for this book generate?

LISA: From a dream, actually! I dreamt someone touched a psychic and was suddenly imbued with their powers. The idea, though I could find no factual basis for it, intrigued me...and before long this had sprouted into the premise for my book.

CAROL ANN: That's fascinating. I've never been able to remember enough about my dreams to turn them into a story. Of course my dreams always seem to feature me in some weird kind of twisted video flash. **grin** How many novels did you write before becoming published?

LISA: VISIONS was my first full-length novel, though it took me nearly a year and a half to beat the challenge of moving from short fiction work to novel.

CAROL ANN: What do you have planned in the near future?

LISA: I have two books under consideration right now: a murder mystery titled TWELVE STEPS TO MURDER, and the first of a series of red hot novellas called SUITE SEDUCTION. I also just signed a contract for the lead story in a Twisted Fayry Tales anthology.

CAROL ANN: Sounds like you are on the path to many more successes. A lot of Blog Studio fans want to know if I have a place of my own in which I write. What does your writing space look like?

LISA: Our dining area has been converted into a nook, where a large desk houses my entire writing universe. I utilize Feng Shui in my writing space, though clutter tends to make it less ideal than I'd like.

CAROL ANN: I can relate to that. It's so hard to keep a writing desk uncluttered! I have to confess that my writing office is the most cluttered room in our house. I'm currently working on a manuscript and I'm close to the half way point, but I still don't have a title for it. How do you decide on a title for your books?

LISA: Usually they just come to me--sometimes before the idea for the book itself. Such was the case with TWELVE STEPS TO MURDER: the titled popped into my head, then I started wondering what that book would be about. So far I've been at a loss only once, and my husband saved the day by coming up with SUITE SEDUCTION.

CAROL ANN: Ah, a supportive spouse. That's always a plus. Here's a question I love asking my guests. What does the word romance mean to you?

LISA: As a life concept or a genre? Hmm, then again, I imagine my definition is the same either way: both are rather confusing to figure out at times, but offer the wildest ride of one's life. I highly recommend it.

CAROL ANN: Lisa, do you have any pets? I've heard it said that people resemble their pets. Is that true for you?

LISA: I've had no pets for close to ten years now, though I've had the usual menagerie before then: cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters. Right now we have a preschooler to chase after, and she's plenty!

CAROL ANN: Do you collect anything? If so, tell me about your collection and how you got started.

LISA: I've collected many things in the past, but we've moved down to a small apartment where I've adopted a no-nonsense approach. Besides, if I tried to collect anything there'd be no room for my husband's massive collection of movie costumes and props!

CAROL ANN: Ah ha! So, tell us about this collection of your husband's. Is this collection what prompted your character in VISIONS to be a movie star?

LISA: My husband is an actor, costumer, and prop maker who has worked in the film industry. His love of movies and acting has much to do with this hobby, which he began as a teenager and is now a large part of his livelihood as well. While none of this is why Trenton Dane a movie star, his character is a complex blend of actors I know personally, as well those I've seen in the media. As such, my husband might just show up as a glimmer in Trenton's eye.

CAROL ANN: I'll just bet it does! Carol Ann holds up the book VISIONS again. Audience, please be sure to visit Lisa's website to learn more about her book and future work. I hope you are as intrigued as I am to buy Lisa's book. Lisa, final question. Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword? Why?

LISA: The pen is mightier than the sword, and the tongue can cleave a sword in two. Words are powerful, and can be used to soothe, to heal, to love, to encourage--and to wound more deeply than any steel blade. What sword can boast all that?

CAROL ANN: What sword, indeed! Thank you again, Lisa for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us in the Blog Studio today.

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