Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday - Not a Good Day

What a bummer of a day! I can't believe I'm still smiling. Here are the events in order that they happened.

1. Couldn't sleep last night, just like Saturday night. Woke up at 2am and gave up. Sat at the computer and stared at the screen. Couldn't think of anything to write. Finally went back to bed at 3:30am. Alarm went off at 6am. Slept until 6:45am. Had to rush getting ready and to work. Clocked in 5 minutes late.

2. The office was freezing cold. Even the men were running around with heavy wool sweaters and fleece jackets. I shut myself in my office and turned on my heater to meal the icicles forming from my runny nose.

3. Since I'm on the South Beach diet, I brought a small container of tuna--one of those new no drain 2.8 oz containers. Drove to Wendy's to buy a Caesar side salad to go with it. Parked in the back of our parking lot at work because the long walk is good exercise. My purse flew open and I heard my Mary Kay compact hit the door. Looked at the floor and saw all my "stuff" that had fallen out. Leaned over to pick it up--and pressed my midsection across the top of the diet cola drink I'd purchased. Soaked the front of my top. Dried it with napkins. Sat it on the floor and picked up my stuff and stuffed it back in my purse.

4. Opened the Wendy's bag and found they had not given me a straw.

5. Opened my salad and sat it on my lap. Reached for the salad dressing. Spilled my salad across my lap and onto the console.

6. Had to walk out to the will call area toward the end of the day. No smoking building. Guy pulling product was walking around puffing on a cigarette. Since my allergies are so bad right now, smoke sticks in my nose and throat and I can't quit coughing and tasting tobacco. And I don't smoke. Those who smoke won't understand this, but those who do will get it. Coughed all the way home.

7. Opened the mail box and found my manuscript from Steeple Hill returned with a short rejection letter. It's been three weeks!! No way was that manuscript read. Even though I put "requested manuscript" on the envelope, I'm sure an associate opened the envelope and ignored that information. The pages are pristine, nothing out of place and the entire packet of information exactly as I had packaged it. Paperclip on the synopis, rubber band around the entire thing. **sigh**

8. Hubby had a piece of mail from GMAC. We paid off his truck a few weeks ago. I called and got the payoff. Made sure it was sent before the cut off date, and the check posted a couple of days earlier than the cut-off. Received the title and released paid in full loan papers. Well, today's mail was...a refund check for five cents!!! LOL!! Is that supposed to be the good news for today?

Hope I get some sleep tonight or I might have to do something drastic. Thanks for reading!

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Marty said...

Hugs on the rotten Monday...hope you feel better soon. Don't spend that .05 all in one place ;)