Saturday, September 01, 2007

Oldie but Goodie

Yesterday, hubby and I went to the Millersport Corn Festival. Had some great junk food and enjoyed a free concert.

Since I was raised on country music and it's still my favorite genre for fun listening, we were thrilled to see that Mel Tillis would be giving a free concert that evening. We put up our lawn chairs to stake out our spots and wandered the food booths. Settled on a Bahama Mama sandwich with a diet coke. But before taking our seats for the show, I made hubby stand in line to get some of those fair french fries. You know, the skinny kind in a round cardboard cup that you can cover with vinegar and salt? Yummy!

Great deal. They had cups for $3.00 or buckets for $5.00. Hubby said he didn't want that many so he was going to order a cup unless we wanted to share a bucket. Share??? What??? No way! I had him buy me a bucket all for moi! I must admit that I was feeling VERY STUFFED before I finished that thing, but I had to make a good showing. I ate all but a very small handful in the bottom. I told hubby I could have eaten those, too, if I had vinegar and salt, but they were bland. (They were, but that wasn't the reason I didn't finish!)

Then Mel Tillis came on stage. Couldn't believe he is actually 75!! But man can he sing. He can croon with the best of them and rock the stage as well. I was impressed, and so was hubby. All in all a great show. He was supposed to be on stage for an hour and a half. Now that surprised me! I figured maybe 45 minutes to an hour, but believe it or not, he actually continued belting out the great songs until he'd been singing for nearly two hours! Great show. And it gave me goosebumps when his last song was "How Great Thou Art" and the entire audience, which believe me was enormous all sang along. I thought there might a a couple hundred, but there had to be thousands. From one side of the stage all the way to the food court all you could see was a sea of heads.

What a wonderful vacation I'm having just hanging around home and doing local things. Tonight we are taking two grandsons to see Tecumseh, an outdoor drama with live horses, guns, and indians. They are so psyched and I can't wait to see it with the boys!

Thanks for reading!

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