Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogging Brain Damage

I have brain damage. It's official. I admit it. Each day I look at this blank white space for a blog and I wonder what in the blazes I can possibly talk about. I think my brain damage comes from working at a computer all day and then coming home and...working at a computer! I dream of computers. I carry a computer with me and work on a computer during my lunch hour.

You know how they say that a person starts to look like their pets? Well, what about people who spend so much time glued to their computers? Am I starting to look like my SONY flat screen or my HP processor?

I don't think there is a cure for this kind of brain damage. I doubt that a lobotomy would work.

I even volunteer to...do more work on my computer. Saturday I volunteered to take over the responsibility for my RWA chapter's newsletter. Am I crazy???

**sigh** I think I'll have to do something I dread doing. I'll have to become a plotter instead of a panster when it comes to blogging. Soooooo, I'm going to try something new. Yeah, yeah. You've heard that before. But this is cool! Listen!

I'm going to blog on one topic for an entire week. That way I won't have to come up with something new for each day! HA!

I'll defeat this blogging brain damage yet.

If you've made it this far, thanks for stopping in and reading.

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