Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Can't Not Smile

My daughter and I both find ourselves saying "I can't not..." There are lots of times when this is the correct thing to say, despite my son-in-law stating it isn't grammatically correct.

Let's say you see a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk in front of you. What do you do? Me, well, I can't not pick it up. Sure it sounds funny, but you'll never convince me it's incorrect to say that.

Today is my day to blog about something I've learned.

One of the major things in life I've learned is that you have to smile each and every day. Smiling lifts you up and gives you a positive outlook. If you smile at others, they will smile back. Even when I'm feeling bad, if I force a smile, soon I start feeling better. Smiling will keep you from having a bad day. That doesn't mean that only good things will happen to you, but if you smile, you'll be able to deal with the worst of them without falling into a pit of despair. When I wake up each morning, I make a decision. I can decide to be unhappy, or I can decide to be happy. All it takes is a smile. I can't not smile!

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