Monday, October 01, 2007

Did She Really Say That???

Today my blog is "something to smile about" and my goal was to keep my eyes open for things to share. My daughter left me a voice mail message that left me laughing so hard, I knew it was the perfect "something."

Every year we women go through the "annual" gynecological exam. If you are all like me you dread it. I mean it's so yucky. The positioning of the body, the baring it all, are things that our husbands never have to submit to. Now, my doctor does one great thing. Being a woman, she understands! She puts those cozy little slipper socks over the metal foot braces. Of course the rest of me stays freezing cold under that thin little paper top and sheet. But I digress. My daughter's tale:

She called her doctor's office this morning to schedule her yearly exam. The receptionist looked at her records and said, "You were here on November 7th last year. How about the 9th? Will that work for you?"

Daughter's response: "Well, that is my wedding anniversary. I'd really rather not be put in that position on my anniversary...unless it is by my husband!!

And that, dear friends, is something to smile about.

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Cole said...

LOL!!!! That was good. :-)


Lee Morrison said...

Oh, that IS funny, lol!