Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Matchmaking Fun

Have you ever cut out pictures of your hero and heroine to help you with focusing on their physical characteristics? I know some authors who create a storyboard--a physical poster with pictures, descriptions, plot points and more and put it where they can see it as they write their stories. I've never been able to do that.

I can't outline or write an entire synopsis before I begin. Oh, I have a rough idea of the story and what happens, but I write as a pantster all the way. Since I've been struggling with my current ms, not knowing if I should completely rewrite or just need to rethink the ending, I thought perhaps I really didn't know my characters as well as I thought I did. So, I spent my lunch hour on a matchmaking mission.

What fun! I took the Sunday paper ads with me. First I searched for a picture of Raeann. I knew her the minute I spied her in a neat casual outfit. Then the real enjoyment came into play. I got to pick out her mate! Woo hoo! There were so many guys that looked perfect to be heroes in my books, but I was looking for Braden. I found him posing with a "bogus" family. I knew he was the man I'd written about. And when I put Raeann next to him I saw the perfect couple.

I almost felt like climbing on the hood of my car and playing a fiddle and singing! Oops, does that date me? Remember "Fiddler on the Roof" and that catchy tune, "Matchmaker, Matchmaker?"

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Emma Sanders said...

I love to choose characters, even if it's from a magazine. I'll cut them out and put them in a file. I've always wanted to do a storyboard, just never have taken the time. And I have a hard time planning in advance. I'm definitely a pantster.