Thursday, October 18, 2007

Six Most Dreaded Words

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard the six most dreaded words--"Hurry up and write another book." Arrrrgh!!!

That's the peril of being a writer. Non-writers do not understand the publishing business. They think I can just write a book and 'voila', just like magic, it appears in book form. I try to explain the process, but their eyes take on a look of muddied water. **sigh**

Looking at the bright side of this (as I always try to find something good out of the bad), I feel honored. The comments that follow those six most dreaded words are: "I just couldn't put the book down." "You have a way of writing that keeps me turning the pages." "I love the way you write. Straightforward, no words wasted, but written in such a way that I have to keep reading to see what happens next."

I love hearing things like that. And when someone says those six most dreaded words, besides feeling like I have to defend myself, I also have to smile because they wouldn't say them if they didn't like my writing.

I only wish I could talk one of my fans into becoming my agent.

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