Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh Me, Oh My, My Brain is Confused!!

I've had a rough day as far as thinking about my current manuscript. I know I have to finish it, but I keep thinking it just isn't strong enough. Self doubt is a terrible thing.

So, when I saw the post in one of my writing groups about a Left Brain Right Brain test, I decided to take it. Why not? Had to kill some time and stop flogging myself.

Hah! Okay, before I go any further, here's the link--Left Brain, Right Brain Test.

Have you tried it yet? Go ahead. Then read on.

Okay, at first all I could see was the figure going clockwise. Nothing changed it for me. Then I came home and pulled it up on my flat screen monitor. Ack!! She keeps changing. If I move my eyes away and back again, she changes direction. Okay, so no wonder I'm having a difficult time deciding if I should continue with my manuscript or not. My brain is fighting with itself!!

Okay, go ahead and post a comment. I'm dying to see if there are any other weirdos like me!


Delana said...

I say she's going clockwise (and no matter what I do I don't see anything else). Paul says I'm totally whacked and can't understand how I can see clockwise. So there ya go .... another bit of proof that opposites attract.

Julie said...

okay, so both Ed and I saw her change from one way to the other, but we saw it opposite ways. I saw clockwise, Ed saw counter-clockwise...I saw counter-clockwise, Ed saw

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

LOL! The same thing happened in my house.