Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Three Gifts

Tomorrow, October 31, is Halloween; it is also my birthday. But today I received three gifts.

The first from a co-worker and good friend. She said she couldn't wait until tomorrow. She gave me a beautiful teal sweater that is soooo soft. I hope it's not too warm to wear it tomorrow.

The second gift was being able to bring our cat, Wilbur, home from the vet. On Thursday night we had to rush him to the MedVet Hospital because his urinary tract was completely blocked. We left him until 7am when we transported him back to our side of town to our own vet. He has been on antibiotics and has been catherized for four days. They removed the cath yesterday afternoon. They were concerned because he wasn't eating, but after we got him home he chowed down! He'll still be on antibiotics for a week or so and must go back for a recheck, but he's home!

Gift number three was a phone call from my son. He is in Columbus. His work sent him here to open a new store. So, on my birthday, tomorrow, he's coming over to visit.

I'm supposed to be participating in a power draft writing week and I committed to a goal of 28 new pages. Hmmm. Saturday - nada. Sunday - nada. Monday - 7 pages. Tuesday - 2 pages. I know I won't type anything tomorrow unless I make myself get up early and write before work. That leaves only Friday night and Saturday. Saturday I believe I will be attending a three to four hour meeting for my local COFW writing group. I'll be on the board and we have to establish the budget for 2008. Why do I set myself impossible goals?

Hey...there are only 55 more days until Christmas! All the stores have put out Christmas decorations and trees for sale. I guess it's not too early to promote my ebook called "Lighting the Tree." It's a book about a miracle that happens on Christmas and it's delivered by an unlikely Santa. Here's a link where you can find out more. Click here.

Have a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by.

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