Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Signing My Cat Up to be a Wrestler... seriously! Those who have followed my blog know about my cats: Charlotte, Wilbur, and Templeton. Each have very different personalities. Templeton is the most unique. He greets guests and insists on having their attention. If they ignore him, he's been known to leap to their shoulders or do a tight rope balancing act on the railing which runs along our living room (we have a bi-level home). He knows how to open cabinet doors and annoy us by banging them over and over to get attention. I could go on and on, but I diverse from my topic.

Templeton has an allergy to something. The vet isn't sure what it is. Hubby and I think it could be the Frontline that we used to prevent our indoor cats from contracting fleas from our outdoor feral colony. (That's another story as well).

So...we took Templeton to the vet and she sent us home with a liquid steroid medication. Problem--have you ever tried to give medication to a fifteen pound lion? I swear that's what our sweet loving cat turns into when we "attempt" to give him the meds. The vet gave me a "syringe" to measure the medicine. Hey, first time wasn't too bad. Templeton didn't know what to expect. Though he fought against being restrained in hubby's arms, I managed to get the syringe between two teeth and push the plunger sending the liquid straight down his throat. One time!

Catching Templeton to administer future doses has posed a huge problem. He knows what we're up to when we sweet talk him. This morning hubby managed to capture Templeton and I forced his head up. Have you ever tried to pry open a cat's lips when they don't want you to? After a few struggling moments, I managed to secure him long enough to press the plunger and voila! I sent a stream of pink steroid meds across the top of the cat's head and onto my wall. Not a pretty sight. Sticky stuff.

Templeton's head now sports a spiky do. All he needs is an eyebrow ring to be in vogue.

Tonight another near success. Only lost half the measure of meds onto hubby's arm.


I'm sure there has to be a better way to do this. I'm thinking of chaining each of his four legs to a different stake while he's on his back. Maybe a U-clamp around his neck bolted to the floor to hold his head in place. Then hubby can work on pulling a couple teeth to make a hole for the syringe. That should make my job a little easier.

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