Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Medicating the cat has become a pure battle. Last night hubby wore his thickly padded jean coat to protect his arms and body from injury as we tried to force the meds down Templeton's throat. I didn't realize a cat had so many muscles in their neck and head! Finally we managed to get some of the meds into him. Of course, whenever hubby and I are in the same room now, Templeton runs and hides. He knows that two means a sneak attack.

Tonight hubby had to work late. I worried about how I would medicate the demon cat with no help. I decided to try tricking him. Every night after work we give the cats one can of Fancy Feast divided into three equal parts. So while they were lined up eating their portion, I filled the syringe and aimed it into the corner of Templeton's dish. He glanced up at me and then went back to eating. Success! He ate every smidgeon including all the medication. Woo hoo! Now if only we had tried that a week ago.

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