Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

My friend and fellow author, Adelle Laudan, tagged me for a game of tell-us-stuff-we-didn't-know...

The rules are:
List seven things about yourself

Link to the person who tagged you (see above)

Then I get to go out and tag seven other victims. Um, no, I meant friends. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Here we go:
1. During 2007, I read the entire Bible.
2. My blood type is O negative, so the Red Cross really loves me!
3. Whenever I see a new baby, I cry.
4. There was I time when I loved baking all our bread from scratch.
5. Meeting new people makes me nervous. I'm very shy.
6. When I turned 43, I graduated cum laude from college with a Business Degree.
7. The bathtub used to be my "study room" to avoid interruption from my kids!

Now for my seven, friends:

Emma Sanders
Marty Kindall
Marly Mathews
Lee Morrison
Sky Purington
Christine Columbus
Julie Strickland

Thanks for stopping by!


Julie said...

I can't believe you tagged
I've posted my seven things, but had a difficult time; I realized I'm not that interesting of a person :)

Emma Sanders said...

Julie, I had the same problem, LOL. Maybe it's just that we don't know ourselves very much.

Thanks, Carol. I posted mine.

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Ah, Emma and Julie, you are both very interesting and warm individuals! Thanks for playing along!

Carol Ann