Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When Cats Talk Back

We have a cat named Templeton...yep, after the rat in "Charlotte's Web." He is so entertaining, but at times very annoying.

Tonight he tried my patience until I wanted to toss him in the dryer...which my hubby did one day...but that's another story.

Anyway, I was trying to make dinner. Templeton loves, of all things, butter. I had added a tsp of butter to the green beans in preparation for nuking. Mr. Smart Cat decided to jump on the counter while my back was turned to put the butter away. I turned in time to see him sneaking up on the mound of butter on the beans. I yelled at him to get down, pointed to the floor and he obeyed but had to have the last word on his way down. (Templeton has a controlled low quick set of mews when he's talking back).

I went about finishing dinner and set the table. I headed to the bathroom to get the Fish Oil that hubby and I take with our dinner. When I returned Templeton was sitting on one of the chairs with his nose inching toward the beef and gravy (still covered). I yelled again and told him he was NOT invited to dinner. It took shoving the chair to the table--really close--before he jumped down all the while talking back to me.

I've been battling a cold since before Christmas and since Sunday have had very little voice left. Yelling at Templeton was painful, to say the least.

I placed the pills on the dinner plates and retrieved the biscuits from the oven. Turned and found Templeton's paw reaching for the pill on my plate.

Immediately I went into battle formation. He stared at me, talked back, and finally jumped from the chair.

The microwave dinged. I retrieved the beans, turned to put them on the table...and found Templeton's paw once again trying to steal the capsule. Knowing I had my hands full, he ignored my threat and finally managed to knock the pill to the floor.

Hubby came running as I leashed a string of threats and chased after the pill. Saved the pill. Cat in doorway laying down and staring at me.

I grabbed the spray water bottle and threatened to soak him if he even came into the kitchen again.

While we were eating, I felt a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder. I turned and came nose to nose with Templeton. I swear he had a big smile on his face. He was sitting on the wooden trash container behind me. **sigh**

Well, he does have these beautiful green eyes...

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Cole said...

LOL! We used to have a cat just like this! He KNEW he wasn't supposed to try and sneak food and would SOOOO talk back! This was neat to read that we weren't the only ones with a smart mouthed cat! =)


The Blonde Duck said...

I love the kitty story!

Check out my blog to read an interview on Emma Sanders.