Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marketing Schemes...

geared at women are making me want to scream.

First, our young girls were targeted. Models had to look like walking skeletons to be considered "hot." And young girls bought into the image--thinner is better. We fostered a generation of bulemic and anorexic young women.

A few years passed and the young mothers who were a little overweight had a tarnished self-image, buying into the marketing schemes to lose weight. Who gained from this? Only the companies marketing all the "miracle" products, but not the women who purchased them.

Now marketing has taken this to a whole new level. Oh, how horrible to see a woman with a **gasp**--wrinkle!! Now we have doctors and clinics who will inject botox and other chemicals under the skin to eliminate wrinkles. It's a whole new marketing scheme geared at the very same women first targeted about their weight. Now they are a little older but not wiser if they buy into the new marketing schemes.

I wish there were a way to show the world the truth--that true beauty is inside. It is your actions, the way you reach out to others--or not--that makes your spirit shine through. No amount of wrinkle remover, plumped up breasts, or miracle weight loss product is going to change who each of us is beneath the skin.

It has taken me a long time to realize that. Yes, there was a time when I bought into the "thinner is better" marketing schemes. I have purchased more than my share of skin products, but I'm not buying into any more of their schemes.

How about you?

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Emma Sanders said...

LOL, yep I've fallen for marketing schemes, too. But I don't think thinner is better. Too think actually looks unhealthy to me. And wrinkles can be sexy. :-)