Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pain, Ice, and Noise

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Ohio Romance Authors

I'm hurting...the Gazelle is truly a total body workout. Every muscle in my body is "feeling the pain" today. Whenever I get up, it takes effort to moooooove. Love the machine. Really do. Only problem we are having is a very high pitched squeal, which is extremely annoying. I love my hubby, but every piece of exercise equipment he puts together winds up with a "noise" of some kind. **grin** This weekend we are going to take it apart and grease up the crossbar cause that's where the noise seems to be coming from.

Ah, Friday. I may have to call in sick tomorrow because the forecast is for 1/4 inch of ice by tomorrow morning. Snow I can I hate!

Hope you all have a safe and warm Friday!

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