Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Working...but Sick

Most workplaces have a policy where an employee must work the day before and the day after a holiday in order to be paid. My company is no exception. However, we can schedule vacation days and still get paid for the holiday.

BUT, if you are sick, you must work or you won’t be paid. So, today I had to go to work with a stomach virus and perhaps gave the virus to other co-workers I came in contact with. If not for the Alka Seltzer every four hours, I couldn’t have made it through the day.

We also cannot use sick days to care for a sick child or spouse. So when my hubby goes in for his heart scope, I have to take a vacation day. And if he has to have surgery, then I have to use my vacation days to be with him in the hospital.

I’m a firm believer in companies not offering sick days. They should offer vacation and sick as personal days and allow an employee to use them as needed. It’s a mental thing. Using a personal day instead of a vacation day makes no difference in the scheme of things, but it feels better to take a personal day than a vacation day. Now, that sick day after the holiday…that’s another story.

It snowed last night and with wind chill the temperature is in the single digits here in Central Ohio today. So far 2008 isn’t making me smile!

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