Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Surprise Check in the Mail

...but I cannot keep it.

Today in the mail I received a check for $150 from a publisher for what appears to be three articles published in a June 2007 release. While I have written for one of their publications and received payment in 2007, I doubt they published it three more times without a notice.

I'm sure there are some people in this world who would cash the check and figure it was the publisher's problem...being a good Christian, and having integrity, I cannot do that! This money belongs to another author who worked hard and deserves to be paid for their work.

So, I contacted the publisher and left a voice mail. I'm waiting to hear back.

What about you? What would you do?


Lee Morrison said...

I'd send it back, too.

Marty said...

I'm with you. Until I know I deserve it, I couldn't take it.

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

I'm still waiting for a call back, but there is no temptation for me to cash that check. I just hope they don't send info to the IRS that I was paid this money. Thanks for posting. I'm so happy that there are honest people in the world!