Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DVD Mania

So I had to purchase a new CD burner because mine wouldn't even recognize a blank CD let alone read any of mine. The new one is a DVD/CD burner and it came with a version of Nero. I played around with it trying to put something together with music for my Mom for Christmas, but it wouldn't work. Finally, I purchased Nero Photo Show. It was really easy to put together a DVD with a bunch of pictures and music. She loved it!

Now I'm hooked. It's the best thing I can send her. I put together another one for her birthday which is Friday. The problem? I have run out of pictures!! My digital camera is really a piece of junk. Half the time I can't even get it to turn on. **sigh**

I guess when I get my tax refund I'll have to buy a new digital camera. And, I really want to buy some of those cool light scribe DVDs where you can burn your pictures and words on the front of the DVD!

Yes, I have created a new outlet for when I just can't think of the next sentence for my newest novel. I can't help it. I love this stuff.

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