Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just for Fun on April Fool's Day

Several years ago, I belonged to a group where we had monthly writing challenges. To give a laugh on April Fool's Day, I decided to share my response to a poetry challenge. The challenge: Use all seven of the following cliches in a poem:

a can of worms
stink to high heaven
every dog has his day
I haven't a clue
long in the tooth
dagger to the heart
young and foolish

Below is my masterpiece! Hope it brings a smile to your face today.

The Old Cowboy

He rode into town, on a crusty old nag.
He was long in the tooth, and his whiskers did drag.
Seeing him now was a dagger to the heart.
Remembering old times when he'd looked so smart.
A stink to high heaven, he left in his wake,
As he passed me unnoticed, that unkempt rake.
Some people claim "every dog has his day,"
Ah, to be young and foolish and love him that way!
He once stole my heart and promised forever.
I waited for years, 'til the bonds I did sever.
Open up a can of worms? I dare not do.
Whatever befell him, I haven't a clue.


Don't forget to read my interview with author J. M. Hochstetler from yesterday's post. And tomorrow...well I have some very special pictures to share!

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