Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Songs and Squeals and Giggles! Oh, My!

This weekend two of my granddaughters had a sleepover with me. If ever I needed a reminder of what it was like to raise a houseful of daughters, this was it. We started the day with lunch at McDonalds, followed by a movie: "Horton Hears a Who." While the upcoming trailers were playing, the girls asked if they could go to the bathroom...alone. Immersed in my tub of popcorn, I decided to let them have their grown-up freedom. They were only gone about two minutes when I began to envision terrible things happening to them. I was about to go after ease my own worry...when I heard a little shushed squeal, followed by giggles and knew they were safe. Would you believe they were trying to sneak up on me? Ha-ha!! The movie, by the way was really cute. It brought back memories of my daughters bringing home Dr. Seuss books from the school library so we could read them. I was the one hooked. They'd bring something home they liked...and pick out a Dr. Seuss for me. **grin**

While I was preparing dinner that evening, Ciara was playing with a hand-held Nintendo babysitting with a virtual baby while Sarah was busy writing a play on my Alpha Smart. I printed the play for her and after dinner they headed off to the spare bedroom to practice. Hubby watched TV while I worked out on the Gazelle. The girls finally finished their "practice" and came out to perform. It started with a song about them having the greatest Maw Maw and Paw Paw in the world, a lot of giggles, and then went into another song. They were Hannah Montana songs, of course. In the middle Sarah would look at Ciara, bust out laughing, then both would fall on the sofa amid high-pitched giggles. (Oh, I forgot to tell you that before the play started, we were asked to say "encore! encore!" when they finished). The encore request led to the biggest fit of giggles I've ever heard.

Later the girls played Charades with words made up by me, and though Paw Paw and I weren't playing, um...shall I say they made a better door than a window to the television?

We took them to church and brunch on Sunday morning, then back to our house to pack up. They kept begging me, "Just five more minute? Pleeeeeaaaaasee!"

Truthfully, I had a wonderful time. This old house misses the sound of children, and so does my heart. God blesses us with grandchildren for that very reason. And, without the responsibilities of raising them, we can enjoy all the wonderful moments of singing, squealing, and giggling!

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