Thursday, April 17, 2008

Missing Author Interviews, Sunny Weather, and Caring for Feral Cats

You might have noticed that I haven't had an author interview yet this month. My schedule is set before the beginning of the year and each author is given a specific Thursday on which I will post their interview. So far, two authors have not responded when I sent their list of questions. I'm sure it's because of the abundance of spam we receive through email every day. Sometimes good messages get caught up in a spam filter or we get in a hurry to delete the scores of emails that are from people we don't know. I apologize to you readers, and to the authors.

In order to fulfill the remainder of the year, I'm going to email every person who is scheduled with a set of questions this weekend. That way I'll be able to know who isn't responding and hopefully find a way to contact them.

It's a sad world where we have to be afraid of emails. I have a firewall, a virus protector, and a spybot protection all loaded on my system. Sometimes it gets annoying with all the popups letting me know someone is trying to get through an open port on my system, but it's definitely worth it.

On a lighter side, I did manage to get those ear mite drops in one of Boots' ears yesterday. Not much, but hopefully I can get his other ear today. Poor thing. I hate to see any animal suffering. He's such a sweet loving guy, but he's not tame enough that I'd try to hold him down in any way to treat him. : )

Today is going to be beautiful here in central Ohio. These are the days I wish I had a window at work. The only way I can see the outside is to walk to the front lobby and look out the doors. Perhaps that's a good thing! I'm getting spring fever really bad.

Hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and good friends. Thanks for stopping by!

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