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Author Interview with Laurie Alice Eakes

Today, I'm interviewing award winning author, Laurie Alice Eakes.

In 2008, Laurie Alice Eakes won the National Readers' Choice Award for Best Regency, Family Guardian, and she has just celebrated the release of her second novel, Better than Gold, set in 1876 Iowa. She belongs to the Published Authors Network and Beau Monde special interest chapters of Romance Writers of America, and participates on lists for historical writers, where she is famous for her "encyclopedic" brain.

She received her Master of Arts degree in writing fiction in 2003 and immediately started writing full-time. Besides her novels, she has sold articles, short stories, and essays.

When she isn't writing or researching, she enjoys reading, music, long walks, and Indian food.

She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and sundry animals.

CAROL ANN: Laurie, please tell me about your latest book, Better Than Gold.

LAURIE: Set in 1876 Iowa Better than Gold is two people's search for missing
gold rumored to be hidden in the area. They want it for opposing
reasons, while they're falling in love with one another. It's the
third book in the Iowa Historical series and is available through the
publisher, Barbour Books, now and other places this summer.

CAROL ANN: What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

LAURIE: Waiting. One waits to be ready to start writing. One waits to get done
writing. One waits for one's critique partners to get back with
comemnts... Then one has to wait for the agent to like or dislike it
and an editor to like or dislike it... I am not a patient person.

CAROL ANN: How did you realize the God was calling you to write?

LAURIE: I was a published before I worried about whether God wanted me to or
not. After 9/11, however, about the same time God ahold of my heart, I
realized what a scary world this is and wanted to write to give people
hope and encouragement,the understand that we don't have to go it
alone, not gust entertain them.

CAROL ANN: What stumbling blocks have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

LAURIE: Typical ones—pressure of family, friends, need to make a regular
income, cutting into writing energy, creativity, and time. The only
answer I've found is pure discipline, saying no sometimes.

CAROL ANN: Do you collect anything? If so, please tell me how you got started
and anything you'd like to elaborate on this.

LAURIE: Bells and books. I've collected bells since high school and have many
from various states and countries. The books are taking over my living

CAROL ANN: Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword?

LAURIE: It depends. Even Jesus felt the need to stop talking—using words—and
pick up a whip. Sometimes, we have to take strong action to get things
done, not just write about it. Let me add here that I am not a violent
person and would prefer peace; however, I understand that that isn't
always possible.

CAROL ANN: Which inspires you more? A brisk walk in the autumn with the
leaves changing color, or in the spring when the flowers are and trees
are budding? Why?

LAURIE: I love them both. Who couldn't living in Virginia? But autumn, with
the aromas of drying leaves, ripening apples, and a hint of wood smoke
on the air, is utterly breath-taking. The wind comes at you kind of
cool with the warmth of the sun around the edges.

CAROL ANN: You are sitting in a restaurant with several friends when someone
walks up to you and thrusts a microphone in your hand. You have one
minute to tell the world something....what will it be?

LAURIE: My name is Laurie Alice Eakes and Jesus loves you. That doesn't mean
you're just fine doing whatever you're doing. It means He forgives
your sins and gives you a new path to walk. And if you believe in and
accept this loving forgiveness, you don't need to fear...anything.

CAROL ANN: How do you balance your "real" life with your "writing" life?

LAURIE: Not well enough. I'm working on that. Again, discipline and saying no.
Learning my priorities and sticking to them.

CAROL ANN: Laurie, thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me.

Friends you can find more info about Laurie and her books by visiting her website and blog.

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