Friday, May 09, 2008

Meet Spooky...Semi-Feral Long-Hair Cat

This is Spooky. He's a big black ball of fur with pretty green eyes. When he was just a tiny kitty and frightened of human contact, I managed to catch him up and hug him to my chest. He had a really bad eye infection and his little eyes were all matted shut. I carried the shivering bundle of nerves into the house and cleared his eyes. Now he is the only one of the cats who will allow us to pick him up. He'll snuggle his face in the crook of our arm.

Spay and neuter your animals, please. I care for fourteen feral and semi feral cats resulting from someone abandoning a female cat. We've had them all neutered/spayed and given shots. Animals aren't to blame for the negligence of humans. Be kind.
My friend, Emma Sanders, has given me the "Blogging with Purpose Award." Thank you, Emma! Emma and I had our first books released at the same time from The Wild Rose Press, and our second books came out within days of each other. She's an amazing writer and an even better person. Now, I have to give the award to five other bloggers who have never received the award. Looking forward to passing it forward!

Memoirs of An Obsessive Compulsive Knitter
My first choice is my daughter's blog. She definitely has a purpose. Her blog is all about knitting and she makes the most beautiful items! And her stories are always amusing!

Lee Morrison
Lee is a fellow Wild Rose Press author. She is a such a warm and caring person, and I admire her for having the courage to go back to college in order to make a major career change. She still manages to care for her family and squeeze in some writing time.

Terry's Place
Terry has an interesting blog. Along with her writing endeavors, she includes pictures and journals of her travels.

Reading, Writing, and Stuff That Drives Me Crazy
I love this blog. Every day there is something interesting. Interesting and amusing stories from real life, pictures, and lots more!

Women of Mystery
One of my writing buddies belongs to this group of mystery writers. You can always find something here to intrigue you.

Thanks for stopping by!


Emma Sanders said...

Thanks, Carol Ann! The good thing about these awards is it introduces us to new blogs. Now I have some new ones to add to my favorites list!

Terry Odell said...

Thanks so much, Carol Ann. I'm honored to be included. I enjoy my daily blogging time, both posting and reading. I'll have to tell my mom about your daughter's knitting blog. I used to knit, but when we moved to Florida, there was no need for anything warm, and it was too hot to hold all that yarn. I took up needlepoint instead, but ran out of wall space for my projects -- and that's when I started writing!

Terry Odell said...

Carol Ann -- Please email me about the award. I tried contacting you via your website but got error messages.



Lee Morrison said...

Thank you so much, Carol Ann!

I just found the award waiting for me after a very nice long weekend of R&R for Mother's Day.

I'm amazed that anyone thinks what I've done is extraordinary in any way.

To me, it's just a matter of trying to find enough time to enjoy the opportunities and gifts God has made possible. I honestly feel like I'm inadequate for not being able to get more done.

There's so much in this world to be thankful for, and great writing friends like you is one of them.

Thanks again for the award!