Friday, May 16, 2008

The Last Three - Foxy, Sammy, & Oreo

Meet Foxy. She's the cat who didn't show up until her kittens were nearly weaned. She's Molly's mom. Foxy never strays from the yard, but she's elusive. She likes to sleep on this bale of hay (housed in a large green plastic bag). Every night she sleeps in the shelter house we built for the cats. She has the prettiest amber eyes. I don't think she'll ever let us touch her, but she does trust us.
This is Sammy and Oreo. Sammy is a short-haired orange and white tabby and Oreo is a black and white long hair. Sammy was in between the mother cats and their litters, so as an adolescent he loved to play with the kittens. He never strays far. He likes to climb on the arbor over our backyard swing. From there he is able to look into our bedroom where our indoor cats sit in the window to converse with him. Oreo was the last cat to be captured. He gave us a run for our money. We finally had to snag him with an oversized fish net and dump him into the trap, and then cut off the netting. He's another one who keeps his distance. He won't even come to the feeding area unless I leave the yard.

These were the last two of our feral cats. I hope you enjoyed meeting them!

Please spay and neuter your cats and dogs!

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