Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet Skeeter & Lucky--Semi Feral Long Hair Cats

Lucky is the cat on the left, Skeeter on the right. Both from different litters, they really look alike, though. Lucky is a bit bigger and has a cute little spot on the right side of his nose. Skeeter is very skittish. In fact when we released him after the vet care, he ran away. I had to put food at the far end of the yard for him because he wouldn't come any closer. Now, he'll come up at take food from my hand, but if I don't have food he maintains his distance. The little skeeter will do anything for food! Lucky got his name from being the only one of a litter of three to survive. He's very friendly, likes to be petted, and also to wander. He always shows up sometime during the day to eat, though.

Please spay and neuter your pets.

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