Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meet Fuzzy...Part Persian Semi-Feral

Fuzzy adopted my hubby. She tags along behind him in the yard when he's working in the flower beds. She stands on her hind feet and places her paws as high on his body as she can reach to get his attention. She has this cute little face with a wrinkled nose that makes it look like she's always smiling. She is the mother of one. Two of her babies didn't make it. One got under the hood of hubby's truck without our knowing and died. The other crawled under my car and must have curled on the plastic skirt in front. She rode all the way to work with me one day. I didn't know until a co-worker came in and said a tiny orange and white kitten was under my car, but ran when he pulled up. I never found her. She was too little to survive on her own.

Fuzzy is the "Queen" of our feral brood. She rules the roost and has an attitude. She might smack the other cats or love on them. One never knows. But she's very loving to hubby and I.

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Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent other innocent animals from being born and abandoned.

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Carol,
Loved the blurb and trailer of Josuha's Hope. It is so intriguing, I have to get a copy.
Oh btw, I found you via TWRP yahoo group.
I can see you love cats. At one stage I use to have seven, now none. lol..I have a little budgie named Pippi... lol
Anhow just called in, and all the best with your latest... so damn intriguing.