Monday, May 05, 2008

Meet Little Britches...

Better known as Britches. He got his name from having the white legs and striped back. When he was a baby it looked as if he were wearing white britches...thus the name. Okay, stop laughing. When you have seventeen cats running around the yard, you have to use creative naming.

Britches is so tame he would love to come into the house. When we go out the back door from the deck to the patio, he tries to run inside. He loves to nibble on my toes, my ankles, and fingers. Never hard. He loves to be petted and loved.

Occasionally, he becomes skittish and avoids being touched. I'm sure when that happens that he wandered out of the yard and found other humans aren't as friendly as we are. He has such an intense stare. When we eat on the screened in deck, he's the first one to the top of the stairs. He'll sit and stare while we eat and lick his lips. Makes me feel guilty!

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