Thursday, May 29, 2008

Publishing Journey for Joshua's Hope - Patience is the Key Word

This is for all my nonwriter friends who ask me "When is your next book coming out?"; and it's for all new writers who sign a contract and wonder when they'll actually see their book in print.

Having a book published is a test of patience. I've learned to be patient, but my loyal readers haven't. Once they turn the last page of my book, they are ready to read the next one. It would be wonderful if I could write a book every month AND secure a contract on each of them. The publishing world isn't like that. It's been a continual learning process for me. The industry is tough, and you have to grow a tough skin to stay the course. Writing isn't for the weak. Most writers begin their career full of dreams that will come face to face with reality. My first surprise was realizing how many people are trying to get published. I thought I might be the only one in my city who wanted to be a writer! Imagine my surprise to learn there are nearly 100 writers in my local RWA writing chapter alone! So, the competition is fierce, but...writers are a loyal group. We cheer each other's successes, feel the pain of each other's rejections, and share our time and knowledge with each other. It's the best support group you will ever find.

Here is the time frame for my newest manuscript, Joshua's Hope, from beginning to end:

Plotting: February 2007
Writing: February 2007 - July 2007
Query to Steeple Hill - July 11, 2007
Request for full from Steeple Hill - August 7, 2007
Submitted full to Steeple Hill - August 25, 2007
Rejection Letter from Steeple Hill - September 7, 2007
Submitted Email Query to The Wild Rose Press - September 17, 2007
Request for first three chapters from The Wild Rose Press - September 19, 2007
Submitted first three chapters to editor - Sepbember 21, 2007
Request for full manuscript - September 24, 2007
Sent full manuscript - September 26, 2007
Confirmation of receipt - October 1, 2007
Contract Offer - December 1, 2007
Signed and Mailed contract - December 2, 2007
Received edit schedule - January 1, 2008 (1st round due to me by March 16)
Received edits - February 27, 2008
Submitted changes - March 6, 2008
Received first round of galleys - April 1, 2008
Submitted changes - April 12, 2008
Received next galley proof - May 15, 2008
Approved galley proof - May 16, 2008
Received release dates - May 28, 2008

Joshua's Hope ISBN 1-60154-321-2
Digital Release date - 8/29/2008
Print Release date - 2/27/09

Length of time from beginning to end: two years

And, yes, I have another book in the works. : )

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