Monday, June 02, 2008

If I could Still Climb Trees...

I'd be in the one outside my window this morning. I hear this distressed cry and I'm not sure whether is it is a bird or if squirrels can make that noise. There is a squirrel on a branch that I can see, and everyone once in a while it makes the clucking noise which I've heard them make, but this is more like a bird who is hurting. The squirrel isn't moving. I wonder if it has a nest in the tree, maybe some babies. I suppose my outdoor cats are waiting at the front door for me to come out and feed them and the squirrel is upset.

Okay, the squirrel just hopped farther up the tree and the noise stopped for a few seconds and now began again higher up.**sigh** I hope I don't go outside and find the cats have caught...something...

Wish me luck.

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