Friday, June 13, 2008

And the Verdict is...

I'm a "pantster". I've taken classes on plotting, the latest being "storyboarding" just to try and reach a breakthrough on how to plot and outline a complete book BEFORE writing it.

Doesn't work for me. It stops my creativity. Truly. I feel boxed in and I just can't break out.

In order to write and just let my fingers pound out the story, I have to do it on the fly. Oh, I do have an idea of how the book will flow. I know the characters and what the inciting factor is. I know what I think will be a good ending. But the rest unfolds as I sit at the computer.

Sigh. I am what I am.

I've always been able to sit down write a first line and then develop a story from that without even thinking. I've written articles and fun short stories that way. Why not novels? There is no right way or wrong way to write. Each person is an individual. So I think I'm going to put together a workshop on how to cope when you're a pantster. Why not? I bet there are lots more people like me who would be very happy to feel vindicated on how they write.

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DianneCastell said...

Hi, Carol Ann!
Wonderful seeing you at the get-together. IMO it was the best one yet! So many authors and readers together at once.
Love your kitty. I have two, Pixel and Spooky. LOOOOVE cats. Wilber is a cutie.
Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Dianne

Carol Ann said...

Thanks, Diane! Great seeing you as well. Love the names of your cats. We have a black long-haired cat named Spooky as part of our semi-feral cat family.

Hope to see you soon.