Friday, June 27, 2008

It Was A God Thing!!!

Have you ever experienced one of those "God Thing" moments? Lately they seem to be happening to me quite frequently. Take, last Saturday. I drove to Cardington, Ohio, to a meeting with Ohio American Christian Fiction Writers. This was our third meeting since forming our group and we are continuing to grow. Kathy Perry and her husband Frank were our hosts and they were so gracious and open that I felt as if I'd known them for years. I'm sure everyone felt the same way...totally comfortable and relaxed. Even Bailey, their little dog, joined in the welcoming hospitality by offering his tummy for rubs. The time flew and everyone bonded during the four plus hours. Kathy is one of those people who shine with God's love. A "God Thing" brought her and her hubby together, and a "God Thing" brought her to our group. We are blessed.

While there, I had a short mini brainstorming session with Laurie Kingery and Sharon Lavy which broke through my "stall" on a novel I'd been working on and abandoned. Now, I'm happily back into the story and hope to finish it soon. It was another of those "God Things" or "God Moments".

I hope you have been blessed similarly in your life.

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Emma Sanders said...

I love it when those "God Things" happen. It shows that you're going in the right direction, or that He's pushing you to go to the right direction. Yep, it's happened.