Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday's sermon at church was about the Church in Laodicea (Reelation 3:14-22). These were God's words telling the church that they had grown lukewarm in their faith and were unpleasing to him. I began to think about the ways we become lukewarm in many aspects of our lives, not only in our Christian walk.

Do you remember how excited you (or your children or grandchildren) were on their first day of school? Eventually, the newness wore off and it became mundane. BUT, when graduation day came, another excitement arose. The anticipation of being your own person, choosing a new path for your future, and embarking on a journey full of promise. Eventually, that settled into being a lukewarm adventure, too. Life has a way of tossing obstacles at us and souring our outlook. We become either cold or lukewarm.

This is true of marriage, careers, and many other areas of our lives as well as our faith walk. And, most important, how do others see you? Does your passion shine through?

I know I have many areas that I need to work on. Sometimes my passion for writing grows lukewarm. That's the time I need to step back and look at my reasons for writing. It actually changed my direction. When I started my journey, I wanted to be the next New York Times author. I wanted to sell my book and have tons of money coming in. I quickly realized the fallacy of my thoughts. I became dissillusioned, but I still had that passion to write. My articles that had been published by Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort were fulfilling to me, but not my books. Why? The answer? Because I had forced my writing to fit the "formula romance" books that were being published. It wasn't my true comfort zone. I prayed. I listened for God to give me an answer. Sometimes he knocks on the door of our hearts but we aren't really listening and we fail to open that door.

God has led me to write books that are about real life, real people and their journey of faith. My first is JOSHUA'S HOPE which is being released in ebook on August 29 and in print on February 28, 2009. I'm very excited about this release, but more excited about my continued passion for writing more books that will entertain others and also show them that with God all things are possible.

How many areas of your life have grown cold or lukewarm? What can you do to change that?

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