Monday, July 07, 2008

All is Calm...

Looking out my window this morning as I write this blog, the view is uncannily eerie. The sun isn't shining yet, though it doesn't look like rain. Not a single thing is stirring. Not one single leaf on the huge tree dominating the picture. No birds. No animals. No vehicles. What a strange feeling. If not for the sound of the radio, I'd think I entered into another realm.

In the distance, I hear trucks on the freeway, and I know when I walk through my front door, the world will be waiting to suck me in. **sigh** It's back to work after a nice three-day weekend. While I'd envisioned it being a wonderful time of rest, fun, and productivity...the reality was nothing like this. Instead, I helped hubby carry tile he'd removed from the kitchen floor out to the trash. We moved a refrigerator and a stove. He fixed the leaking toilet...finally...on Saturday afternoon. I watched a lot of TV--mostly Animal Planet. Read three quarters of a book. Listened to the sound of screws being driven into the sub floor. Not quite what I'd anticipated. Now it's back to work. If only the calm I'm seeing now will prevail...

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

What I'm reading now: Abomination, by Colleen Coble

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