Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Do It

I've been reading a craft book by Bill O'Hanlon published by Writer's Digest books titled "Write is a Verb" ISBN-13: 078-1-58297-459-0. I highly recommend it to all people who are writing for publication, whether you've been published to date or not.

The front cover says: Sit Down. Start Writing. No Excuses.

Despite all the rules out there, these three two-word sentences say it all. In order to be published, you have to write. This book will help you define what motivates you to write, what makes you unique among the multitude of writers in our world.

It's a motivational book that pulls no punches. It will literally give you a "kick in the pants."

I write something every single day. It might be a blog. It might be a page or more on my current manuscript. It might be a character development sheet. But I write. You MUST write something every single day if you are a writer. Like Mr. O'Hanlon says: write is a verb. It's action, not inaction.

So...what have you written today?

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