Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joshua's Hope Excerpt

It's Thursday and only two more days to work and I'll be off for nine days! I can't wait. I haven't taken a long vacation in years. At first we thought our camping trip would be lost. The state park called and they have no electric. I might be able to make it without electric, but hubby just can't handle it. So...we checked another state park about eighty miles east and found they had a fully shaded spot available. We were able to transfer everything successfully! Woo hoo!

Our grandson graduated from Tech School and was supposed to come home last night, but he called and said he had missed the briefing and wouldn't be able to leave until today. Bummer. Last night the phone rang...and it was Andrew (grandson). He was sitting in his mom's living room! The stinker had told her that in order to surprise her. I'm so relieved that he's home for a few days before heading to Arizona.

Okay, I promised you an exerpt, didn't I? I am hoping you are intrigued enough to go to The Wild Rose Press and purchase a download of the ebook for only $6.00! Just click inspirational on the sidebar and you'll go to the books. You'll find the information for purchase there. You don't need an ereader can read it right on your computer screen. It's fun! I'm excited...Joshua's Hope is the number one inspirational full length novel!

Excerpt - Joshua's Hope

If it hadn’t been for her fear that Peter would do her extreme physical harm, she would have stayed in the marriage. Peter had a volatile temper, and when it exploded, Hope was always the target. He wanted to control her in every single way, but Hope had grown up so independent that she resisted. She’d watched Peter’s mother succumb to his father’s domineering nature time and time again. Hope didn’t want to end up like her.

As she drove down the winding drive to the house she’d always found intimidating, her heart began to beat faster. “Please, God, let Peter be out of town.” Her words floated in the air-conditioned expanse of the car.

Her chest constricted as she crested the hill and saw Peter’s sportscar parked in the driveway. She took a deep breath to compose herself before leaving the safety of the car.

As she walked toward the house, the door swung open.

Peter raked her with an intimidating glance. “You look pathetic.”

She bit back a smart retort.

Peter’s dark brown eyes held no warmth. He pushed the door wider and stepped aside. “We need to talk.”

Here we go again. Peter was geared for another bashing session meant to break her down. Control. He was all about control. She wouldn’t let him break her spirit.

“I’m here to visit Joshua. There’s nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. It’s over between us, Peter.”

She pushed past him, but he grabbed her arm. His fingers dug into her flesh and she bit back a cry of pain.

“It’s not over until I say it’s over.”

Their eyes locked in a visual battle.

He gave her a hard shake.

She pulled free.

“Mommy!” Joshua bounded down the stairs with all the exuberance of a typical four-year-old. He launched himself into her arms and clung tightly to her neck. “You came. I missed you, Mommy.”

“I missed you, too, peanut.”

Joshua giggled. “I’m not a peanut.”

She poked a finger into his tummy. “You’re my peanut.”

He wiggled free and slipped down to the floor.

“Joshua.” Peter’s voice sliced the air.

Joshua looked at his dad. The smile slid from Joshua’s face, and his chin touched his chest.

“Look at me, young man.”

Joshua did.

“Behave yourself. When your mother leaves, you are to take a nap and remain there until I come get you. Understand?”

Joshua nodded.

“Speak up!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Hope took Joshua’s hand and glared at Peter.

“If you want to see him again, don’t leave without talking to me.” Peter’s hand closed around her arm, fingers digging deep into her flesh. His eyes narrowed as he pressed harder.

She didn’t flinch, didn’t blink, didn’t let him see the pain he caused. When Hope married him, she’d already been in love with his son. Peter paid no attention to Joshua, leaving his care to a nanny. It broke Hope’s heart whenever she saw the baby who didn’t know how to smile. “If you insist.”

“Don’t be smart. I’m being generous by allowing you to see my son.”

Hope didn’t fool herself. The only reason Peter allowed her to see Joshua each Saturday was to keep her under his thumb. “I know. Now may I please take Joshua to his room for our visit?”

He released her. Their eyes battled for a second, and then she lifted the boy into her arms, turned her back, and walked up the stairs.

“Daddy’s mad,” Joshua said.

“He’s not mad at you. He’s upset with Mommy.”

When she reached the hallway at the top of the stairway, she hurried into Joshua’s room, closed the door, and leaned against it.

Joshua looked at her with tear-filled eyes. “He said I been bad and couldn’t see you.”

Tears ran down his cheeks and Hope hugged him close to reassure him. “I won’t let that happen, peanut. I promise.”

“Daddy said you don’t love me.” He broke into quiet sobs that hurt more than Peter’s hands had.

Hope kissed his cheeks while forcing back her own tears. “Mommy loves you more than anything else in the whole wide world. I’ll always love you...always. No matter what anyone else says, you remember that. Okay?”

He nodded.

She ruffled his hair.


“What, sweetie?”

He ducked his head, making it difficult for her to hear. “Daddy hitted me for being bad.”

Rage lit a fire in her veins. She clutched Joshua to her chest and fought the desire to snatch him and drive fast and far, someplace where Peter would never find them. The reality was, though, that Joshua was not hers. She’d be arrested for kidnapping which would only make things worse for both of them, especially Joshua. “I’m sorry, sweetie.” She kissed the top of his head and sat on the twin bed, holding Joshua on her lap.

“Mommy, can I live with you? I don’t want to live with Daddy.”

“Mommy is trying real hard to fix things so you can live with me.” There had to be one attorney who wasn’t afraid of Peter Courtland and his henchmen. She’d do whatever it took to protect Joshua.

His tear-filled eyes drove a spike through her heart. His lips quivered. “Tomorrow?”

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