Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Even Funnier than Ralphie in The Christmas Story!!

Hey, don't be so surprised at the subject. Remember this blog is all about what is inside the writer's mind. Right now it's on something hilarious that I learned about one of my friends at work.

Who? Let's call her Kate just for kicks. She's a tiny woman who keeps me in stitches with her smart remarks and her ability to make fun of herself. I'm not even sure what triggered our talk that led to her sharing this bit of humor. This gal has to be one of the most naive people I've ever known.

The story: She was in grade school and standing at the bus stop on a cold icy winter day. Yep, you guessed it. Her little friends told her to "lick a truck bumper." "It's just like licking an ice cream cone. It's soooo good." Well, that's all it took...the mention of an ice cream cone. Kate loves to eat! And she wears a size 2!!! Okay, so she did it. She licked the truck bumper and, yep, just like Ralphie she's stuck to the back end of a truck. All her friends are laughing. When the bus arrives, they wave at her and start to climb on the bus. Not to be left behind, she yanks her tongue off and stands there in the snow, dripping blood. I know, I know. I shouldn't be laughing. Shame on me. But that there story is funny! Why? Because she couldn't eat for a week.

Um, so you aren't laughing like me? Well, maybe I should have told you this story first so you understand how Kate feels about food. She had a couple of rotten sisters. They knew Kate loved food. They were visiting grandma for a week during summer vacation. Grandma told them not to get into the refrigerator before dinner. Grandma was outside working in the garden and evil sisters tell Kate that grandma made meat patties for dinner and she "didn't count them!" They encouraged Kate to get into the refrigerator and check 'em out. Kate decided to eat one. Evil sisters said they weren't hungry and they weren't going to eat any of them at dinner either. So...Kate went ahead and ate two more. A total of three. A bit later Grandma came in and opened the refrigerator. She was furious! "Who fed the dog?" Yep, you got it. Kate ate three slices of dog food. Grandma had opened the top and bottom of the can, pushed out the dog food and sliced it. I mean, how dippy can you be!!!

Are you laughing yet? Hope so. Laughter is good for the soul. And I love Kate. No matter how much she likes to eat. Thanks for stopping by!

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