Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Coffee Time Break...And a Funny Thing Happened at Work Today...

No, I don't drink coffee, but I will be participating in a chat with my fellow Sweeter Romantic Notions authors at Coffee Time Romance yahoo loop on Wednesday at 6PM EST. My characters from Joshua's Hope will make an appearance as well...and, my sometimes elusive muse. Hope to see you all there.

Anyone who knows me realizes I despise Mondays. I always wish I had one more day to my weekend, especially when I have a busy weekend and no time to have R & R. So, I walked into my office and before I could sit down, my next door office mate walks in and sits in front of my desk. The conversation went something like this:

He: I have a favor to ask. You have two books published, right?

Me: I have three full length books, three short stories, and a fourth in an anthology.

He: Yeah, well. I wondered if you could help me.

Me: Sure, what is it?

He: My wife, who is an English teacher for middle school, is writing a book! How do you handle yours? Do you have an editor that helps you with your books?

Me: Um, well, in order to get an editor, you have to have a manuscript accepted by a publisher first.

He: Oh. Is that how it works?

Me: Yes. Your wife will need to research her market, find agents, editors, or publishing houses who accept that kind of manuscript. She'll need to query first.

He: Okay.

Me: She'll need to not get discouraged if she gets rejected. Most authors are rejected multiple times before being contracted.

He: Well, she's already checked the internet and the kind of book she's writing is really hot right now.

Me: Great! What kind of book is she writing?

He: Science Fiction. For twelve year olds.

Me: That's good.

He: Yeah, she's really good! I read what she's done and it blew my socks off!

Me: It's nice that you are supporting her.

He: Oh, I am. It's really a joint effort. She told me her idea and we brainstormed back and forth.

Me: How far along is she?

He: She's finished six pages already!

Me: Great. I wish you both luck. Um, I really have to get busy now. Let me know if I can be of further help.

He: I will! She's really good! I'm so proud of her.

**sigh** Maybe she'll get lucky and her book will be one of those overnight sensations. You think?

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