Wednesday, October 15, 2008

March of Dimes...Marketing...Guilt

Yesterday I received an envelope from the March of Dimes. Clearly showing through a cellophane window was a dime. I could have thrown the envelope away, but I made a conscious decision to open it. I felt it would be sinful, especially in light of our economy, to throw the dime away.

Inside I found labels for Christmas presents and labels for mailing envelopes and packages. And a response card (on which is the dime) asking for a donation of $10, $12, $15, or Other $. Another dilemma. If I take the dime, and use the labels, does that make me a "bad" person? I think this must have been a carefully thought out "guilt" marketing plan.

Just below the response card is this message:

Mrs. Erhardt, I know I've taken a risk in sending you this dime....There's a chance you might not return it to me along with a few dollars of your own to help us reach out to the nearly 1,400 babies born prematurely and about 330 babies born with serious birth defects each day.

Okay, now take that guilt I already have and multiply it. **sigh**

I'll be like a lot of other people and I'll mail in a check to the March of Dimes. So, now I've spent $15.00 and a stamp and the cost of a check, for 72 mailing labels, 5 package labels, and a dime. But the March of Dimes will use my $15.00 wisely, right? Use it to help those babies born with birth defects?

What do you think? I'd sure like to hear from my readers on this one. If you don't have a Blogger accuont, you can still comment by using the anonymous choice below the comment. If you don't respond, nothing bad will happen to you or to me. How's that for relieving guilt?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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