Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday - Book Clip from Joshua's Hope

Happy Tuesday Morning! Did I tell you all that I'm doing physical therapy twice a week to strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles? So far, so good. Guess this is supposed to help me with the neck and back pain from the arthritis. Hmmm. Time will tell.

I'm reading a book that I can't wait to tell you about. But I'll save that for another day. How about sharing a little clip from my latest release...Joshua's Hope. Enjoy!


Hope took a deep breath and eased open the
bedroom door inch by inch. Assured that no one was
in the hall, she stepped out and silently closed the
door behind her.

Loud voices drifted up the stairwell. She opened
Joshua’s door and slipped inside. His eyes were
open. He stared at her, silent tears carving paths
down his cheeks. She put a finger on her lips, urging
him not to say anything. She lifted him and he
wrapped himself around her like a small monkey.

“Mommy,” he whispered.

“It’s all right. Mommy is going to take you home
with her now. But you have to be very quiet. Can
you do that?”

He nodded against her neck. “I need white

Hope reached for the stuffed animal she’d given
him on his first birthday. The neck fur had been
rubbed off in two places from Joshua’s fingers.

“Mommy will carry white doggie for you. Don’t be
scared and don’t look up. Just hold on tight.”

He nodded again, his arms squeezing tighter.

She kept one arm firmly around him and eased
the door open. So far, so good. She only needed to get
downstairs without being seen.

She closed Joshua’s door and began a slow

The hairs prickled on the back of her neck,
alerting Hope someone was watching. Swiveling her
head, her gaze locked with Anna’s. For endless
moments, Hope’s heart stopped.

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