Monday, November 24, 2008

Drowning in an Ocean of Food

Friday we had a turkey potluck at work. I wanted to boycott it and go out to run errands and eat a sandwich, but I do enjoy spending time with my co-workers. Thus, I ate too much food, and went back later for second helpings of dessert. Sunday we had our Thanksgiving potluck at church. Yep, once again I sampled nearly everything. Came home feeling drugged and laid down on the bed to nap. For the rest of the evening I didn't feel like doing one thing. Finally gave up and went to bed at 9pm. Now I'm sitting here in my office and staring at....FOOD! I'm cooking our Thanksgiving dinner this year. I guess we'll have 16 people. Ugh. With no place to put all the extra canned goods and things, I stored them here in my office. I'm going to be glad when Thanksgiving is over...but, then comes Christmas. **sigh** No wonder I can't lose weight.

Sending warm wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to each and all of you. Thanks for stopping by.

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