Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Writing A Synopsis - Lesson Four

We're ready to finalize that synopsis. We've written the back page blurb, used it (or part of it) as the hook to the synopsis. We've introduced our characters, shown the conflict and what their goals are. We've picked out the turning points or high points of the novel and written these into the body of the synopsis. Now it's time for the climax and resolution. Again, keep it simple, don't overwrite, and most of all don't keep the editor guessing what happens.

Here is the final part of the synopsis for Foxfire:

Her trap works, and she faces her worst nightmare, for her ex-lover captures her and holds a knife against her throat. He leads her into the dark wooded mountainside where he plans to kill her, just as he has five other women. He's the serial killer the police are seeking, but they'll never find him. He's set up the perfect ruse.

By the time Tyler realizes Grace has lied to him, it's too late. She's been captured by a killer. The same man who killed Tyler's wife. He realizes that he could lose another woman he loves. He can't let Grace die, too.

Tyler and his boss catch up with them and Grace knows she has to do something or the man she loves will die. She drives her arm into her assailant's midsection and grabs the hand gripping the knife. Gunshots ring out, and she is pinned beneath a dead body. She's faced her worst fear and lived, but her enemy has been slain.

Tyler proposes to Grace. She accepts. Together they've found the strength to overcome the shadows in their past and open their hearts to true love.

Once you have put your entire synopsis together, don't forget to go back over it several times. Don't be afraid to make your sentences stronger, use active verbs, and most of all let your voice shine through.

Good luck!

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