Monday, November 10, 2008

Stop! No one is "One Size Fits All"

If you believe in the greatest marketing scheme ever created, One Size Fits All, you need to take a step back and look at reality. For instance, if you ask a woman who wears a size 2 and a woman who wears a size 20 to stand side by side wearing an identical "one size" article, you can easily see the problem. I mean a sheet is one size fits all!! Forget the myth. We are individuals. We are unique. Everyone is different. Even identical twins have one thing that distinguishes them from the other.

Writers easily get caught up in the one size myth. Especially beginning writers. It's easy to seek advice and learn the rules, but the hard part is retaining a unique voice. Yes, it is important to learn the craft. It is important to know the rules that shouldn't be broken. But...more important is to write your story. Forget the rules and write the story YOU want to write. Once you have poured out your heart on the page, you can go back and apply the rules WHERE YOU BELIEVE THEY WORK. That's important. Don't ruin your voice, your story, by over applying what you've learned along the way. Much easier said than done, but just like the vision of two people wearing one size articles, so our books should be different.

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