Thursday, November 06, 2008

Taking a Stand Against Bathroom Deficiencies

For those of us who work outside the home where we spend nine hours or more in the workplace, shouldn't we at least have decent toilet paper? I mean, come on! Wiping with a piece of paper with pieces of bark embedded in see-through single ply has to stop. I come home raw, bleeding and limping on days when I just can't hold it in for nine hours.

And then, there's the issue of hand soap. Does it contain lye? I mean, my hands are so dry they try to dive into my glass of water after my trip to the ladies room. I don't have to worry about dark spots on the backs of my hands. I can't find them anyway because they're hiding to avoid the torture of that dreaded paper hand towel, cousin to the bark based toilet paper.

Worse, before I can make my exit that "too high on the wall to reach" so-called air freshener spits out a smell strong enough to kill anyone who dares to stay long enough to be caught. Have you ever tried any of that over the counter tooth medicine? Or take a deep whiff of some prescription codeine-based cough medicine. Yep, I swear that's what's in that stupid air contaminator. In fact, I've never seen a bug strong enough to escape. From time to time, I see little insects upside down, legs stiff, two of them trying to stifle their nostrils.

I'm taking a stand today. I'm bringing in my own toilet paper, a small hand towel, a bar of creamy hand soap, and nose plugs. Bet I get somebody's attention when I come walking down the hall. Hmmm, our Director of Human Resources from corporate office is coming in today. Maybe I'll give him a tour of our Ladies Room. First, I'll offer nose plugs, though.

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Anastasia said...

LOL, I'd love to see his face when you take him on the tour. :)

Emma Sanders said...

This is perfect. I have the same problems at work and have noticed it a lot since the office has a new cleaning lady who loves to overuse those commercial cleaners. My office is next to the bathroom and across from the breakroom, so I get that horrible commerical cleaning smell on all sides. Does nobody know that it doesn't help the smell they're trying to cover? I don't know why the office can't just get some Lysol from the dollar store. It may not be perfect, but our building isn't commercial enough for those commercial cleaners! They're horrible!