Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Braving the Elements...

My friend and I walk on our breaks at work. We started doing this last July and we have been faithful. We walked when the temps were in the high eighties and even nineties when sweat dripped from our armpits and people cleared the hallways when we returned. Now the weather has changed...drastically, but we have continued walking when it isn't raining and the wind isn't howling.

Today we bundled up and headed out the door to brave the elements. Snowflakes drifted around us. We wore winter jackets and matching knit hats bearing "Samuel Adams" on the earpieces (the emblem meaning the ale, not the man). Such cute little earflaps with knitted ends to tie under our chins. The end result meant our hair would be sculpted to our heads for the remainder of the day. We turned the corner and felt the wind blowing against our backs. We chatted and continued walking, enjoying the brisk weather and the glowing feeling in our cheeks. A half-mile later, we looped around and headed back...directly into the wind.

Even the ear flaps couldn't stop the fingers of cold from driving down into my ear canals. And my nose! Can we say icicles formed on the hairs inside? And those beautiful snowflakes now froze on my glasses and burned the exposed areas of my face. I looked at my friend and thought she'd turned into the headless horseman. All I saw was the collar of her coat, but then I noticed a bit of blue plaid...the top of that Sam Adams cap. I couldn't laugh for to do so would mean getting frostbite of the lungs. The last half-hour of that walk was equivalent to "dead man walking."

Needless to say, we did not go outdoors to walk in the afternoon. I suppose they'll find our frozen bodies sometime tomorrow.

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